Interventions and Extra Support

Provision made by the LS Department

The LS Dept. contributes to the social, emotional and academic needs of the children with SEN. We aim to develop ‘the whole child’ via a multi-sensory approach. We place great importance on pupils’ self-evaluation of progress and regularly assess standards of Literacy (reading, comprehension & spelling) and Numeracy with a number of interventions being available for those who need extra support in these areas.

Interventions currently in place are:

  • Guided reading
  • Active Literacy Kit (ALK)
  • Success Maker – Integrated Learning System
  • Basic Skills – Numeracy & Literacy
  • Catch-Up Literacy
  • Spotlight Numeracy
  • Nurture Group

The Nurture Group, being one of our newly established interventions our aim is to provide pupils with a caring environment, ensuring they’re prepared for the day ahead of them. The Nurture Group also focuses on self-awareness, building confidence and self-esteem, teaching pupils to integrate with others in a safe setting. The aim of our trained staff is to provide the pupils with an area where they can receive consistent support and advice from familiar faces that they can trust.

Other intervention strategies include:

  • In-school Dyslexia support
  • “Follow-on” Numeracy & Literacy
  • 6th  Form “Buddies” and DoE Award students involvement in reading schemes and pupil monitoring.

The Department also promotes social and independence training and incorporates this into visits such as the Christmas Pantomime, Careers Fairs and Disability Games.


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