Stages of SEN

School Action (SA)

  • Students have difficulty with learning and are making little or no progress.
  • In-school action taken; differentiation of work where applicable.

 School Action Plus (SA+)

  • A student will be at School Action Plus if, despite being at School Action, he or she makes little or no progress.
  • Additional specialist advice is sought from an external agency such as Speech Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Behaviour Support Service etc. and a sustained input from these external agencies is required.
  • If a student’s difficulties are such that significantly more support is needed, 1-1 and small group work with additional TA support is put in place.


  • If the help and support given at the previous stages does not enable the student to make adequate progress, then the school or parents may apply to the local authority to carry out a statutory assessment.
  • If it is agreed that a Statement is needed, this will identify the child’s difficulties and the provision school will provide to enable access to the curriculum.
  • Occasionally the local authority will issue a “Note in Lieu of a Statement”. Although technically, a pupil is placed at SA+, a Note in Lieu is viewed by the school as being equivalent to a Statement.
  • A Statement or ‘Note in Lieu’ is reviewed formally once a year.

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